Welcome to BiopolyMed, inc.,

BiopolyMed, Inc., (BPM) expresses its sincere thanks for the acknowledgement and interest it has received.

BiopolyMed is a biotech company, which aims to focus its technological efforts solely on the Drug Delivery System (DDS) of protein/peptide drugs as well as small molecules by focusing on the development of bioconjugation technology with biocompatible polymers.

BiopolyMed has the strategies to develop the biocompatible polymer technology for the second generation of bio-products and core technology for anticancer drugs by enhancing cell targeting and specific organ site targeting.

BiopolyMed also pursues further development of BPM's core technology by business collaboration and strategic alliance with pharmaceutical companies globally.
BiopolyMed will commit itself to do its best to contribute in seeking 'better quality of life' using the DDS technologies and work to become a prominent leader in the field of the new, higher-valued biotech company.

BiopolyMed has outstanding scientific advisory board, Professor Sung Wan Kim of University of Utah, USA, who is well known internationally as a pioneer in the field of gene delivery and biocompatible polymer, and Professor Teruo Okano of Tokyo Women's Medical University in Japan, who is a specialist in the area of tissue engineering using biocompatible polymer.

BiopolyMed hopes to keep a humble attitude in the eyes of God, and always remain as a hard working corporation with continuous encouragement and interest.
Thank You.

BiopolyMed Inc.     
CEO/President Myung-Ok Park